Bedcraft modded minecraft servers


Why choose bedcraft
Go to Custom plugins

Custom plugins

Quests, achievements, vote rewards, anti grief,… All custom Plugins created for Bedcraft by our dedicated coder.

Go to Lag Free

Lag Free

We only settle for the max 20 tps. Nobody likes lag. Especially not us. Se we aim to run at the full 20 tps no matter what. Apart from a beefy server, we have several custom plugins to help us achieve this goal.

Go to oldschool fun

oldschool fun

Our ftb ultimate is shaped over years of customizing and coding. Our balanced economy, lag free servers, grief free gaming experience makes this server the nr 1 ftb ultimate server to date.

Go to Mature and friendly staff

Mature and friendly staff

Get new content blocks: pricing table, Google Maps, and more. Change the sections order, display each block exactly where you need it, customize the blocks with whatever colors you wish.

Open for everyone

A fun, family friendly server.

We welcome everyone on bedcraft. No matter your gender, age, sex, color, religion or political views. Our server has a clear no bully policy. We aim to keep our chat family friendly, pg 13.

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