Rules *subject to change

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Rules *subject to change

Post by fother » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:31 pm

You can also do /rules while on the server
1.)Respect the staff and do not ask them for items
2.)Do not spam chat msgs, Pvt msgs, or tp requests
3.)Do not bypass pvp or claim/protected land (grief)
4.)Do not dupe items or glitch. Same for buying. You will be banned.
5.)Do not advertise servers or sites besides bedcraft's
6.)Do not bypass auto-afk kicker
7.)English only in main chat
8.)No cursing/bypassing filter. Can result in mute/ban/tempban
9.)Do not ask for free items, there is a minimum price for everything
10.)Do not ask staff for items
11.)Do not give away free items unless you are teammates
No joining forces for one day for free items
Teammates share machines/bases
12.)Items that can bypass pvp are not allowed
13.)Do not build your base withing far render distance of another persons base without permission
14.)If you join our TS, you have the same username
15.)Staff is allowed to break any setup that is causing major lag
Please do not build huge ME-crafting systems
Be very careful with your spawner so. If we ask you to change your laggy setup and you refuse, we will break it without refunding items
16.)Don't place /home at someone's base without knowledge or permission
17.)Taking stuff from unclaimed land is allowed but placing blocks outside a claim to take stuff from within the claim is not allowed
Also, you are not allowed to grief a chest that has a lockette sign on it, no matter if the land is claimed or not
18.)If someone asks you to leave their base, you must
19.)Purposely destroying land or building ugly structures around someone's base is not allowed
20.)No sexism or racism(or controversial topics); Keep chat pg13
21.)Do not be rude to other players

Donor Rules
1.)Do not sell or leak items from donor kits
2.)Do not abuse your perks for :
Killing/annoying people
Color chat
3.)No landmarks/warps for other people
4.)Do not enchant an item for someone else

Staff members are allowed to ban players for any reason they see fit, although staff will always have a good reason for the ban. Sometimes staff may not list a reason for a ban; this is often done to keep some information secret . Follow the rules, be friendly, and use common sense. If you do these things, staff will have no reason to punish you.
Admins/mods are capable of adapting rules when they see players using the rules to their advantage. This is done to keep the community clean and will never be done to the staff's advantage. If rules are bent, the staff member has the option to not explain why they bent the rules because they feel the information should be kept secret from the community so no one else uses the rules to their advantage

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Re: Rules *subject to change

Post by Zectfire » Mon May 29, 2017 8:17 pm

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