map reset

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map reset

Post by fother » Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:05 pm

So it was time to reset the map
1.Lots of people left server cause they reached endgame already (most important one) .
2. corrupted chunks
3. People tp'ing to that corrupted chunks. repeatedly, causing corrupted playerdata.
4. Lot of inactive high end bases being loaded causing lag.
5. It was just time.

So now everybody can start over with a fresh start.

-/redeem will be available on sunday 18/03
-There is a discount now to buy a base transfer from the old map to the new (building blocks only ) . now for only 10 euros in stead 15.
-You can also buy mas fab and quantum gen on the donations store now under items.

If you have any questions that are NOT included in questions below, then feel free to ask them below:

-Why did it reset (i already answered that)
-Can i have my items back ? (no)
-why u do dis
-when can we /redeem

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