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Post by fother » Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:56 am

Before you apply for staff, read info below:

-If we concider you for staff, we give you the rank "intern". This rank does have NO extra permissions. This rank is just for us to test you out. Your task will be: answering questions. that's it.

-If you want to become staff to get more permissions, then you are out of luck. Most staff have to wait a year before they get promoted to a rank with permissions. If u are helper , please dont complaint like : "i really want to help people but i cannot because i dont have permission ..." 90% of the issues can be solved without any special permissions.

-Before we actually would concider you as staff, you have to be active for a while.

The rocedure :

Just post a new thread under the staff application section. And copy paste below questions and answer them.

1.MC Username;
4: What language(s) do you speak?
5: How long have you been playing on Bedcraft?
6: Have you have been muted/jailed/banned on Bedcraft?
7: Have you ever been banned on a server? If so, why?
8: Do you have any other skills? (photoshop, coding,...)
9: Do you prefer building structures or complicated machine setups?
10: What are your favorite mods ?
11: Which things are you good at in game?
12: Which things are you bad at in game?
13: WHy do you want to become staff?
14: What would you change about Bedcraft?
15: What's your favorite part about Bedcraft?
16: Can you handle instructions well?
17: What would you do if you were an admin and people started talking in a different language in public chat ?